Meeting passengers’ need for Wi-Fi

Passengers are used to experiencing ubiquitous connectivity on the ground. With GX Aviation and, together with the launch of our new European Aviation Network, we deliver uninterrupted, high-quality broadband for passengers anywhere in the world.

Enhancing passenger services

Whether passengers want to stream videos via their own smartphone or tablet on Netflix, watch the latest news headlines unfold in real-time or read the inflight magazine in a richer, personalised, digital format – it’s all possible with our ground-breaking passenger broadband services.

Putting passengers in control of their own entertainment allows airlines to save costs on content licensing fees. A digital inflight magazine can provide a more tailored experience – promoting the flight’s destination, for example, through the sort of immersive experiences that passengers have come to expect. In the future, this could lead to the reduction of seat-back entertainment systems.

Personalising the passenger experience

When a passenger logs into the inflight connectivity service, or signs up to use the on-board Wi-Fi on their own device, the airline can present them with innovative and personalised digital experiences.

Using this valuable data allows airlines to present targeted digital advertising. It could be used to promote relevant, extra-value items, such as tickets for an event at the flight destination. By working with a lifestyle concierge service at the destination city, for example, the airline could present higher tier customers with the option to reserve an ‘unbookable’ table at a local restaurant.

Inflight broadband also enables sponsors to offer a period of free Wi-Fi connectivity before the passenger gives their payment details, bringing in additional revenues to the airline.

Bringing the high street to the seat

Passenger Wi-Fi allows airlines to boost revenues through inflight shopping services. With a digital catalogue removing the need for paper brochures, airlines can offer the passenger extra value through personalisation, resulting in more sales. For example, products can be recommended to the passenger according to the destination, highlighting items they may need when they land, specific to their inbound or outbound flight.

As the technology supports real-time authorisation of credit cards, the number of fraudulent transactions could also be reduced.

Real-time information, worldwide

With worldwide connectivity, high-speed inflight broadband means passengers can get information about their flight instantaneously. Delays or changes to their flight plan and arrival can be quickly communicated, allowing cabin crews to provide a better service to its customers by helping them organise their onward journey. And with technologies such as chatbots improving communication between passenger and cabin crew, their workload will be reduced.

Choose the most trusted option

Inmarsat has more than 25 years’ experience in aviation connectivity, providing aircraft with a trusted solution to increase revenues and operational excellence. Our solutions ensure passengers get the best experience possible, with Wi-Fi capability they’ve only ever experienced on the ground, in the air.

A look into the future with the European Aviation Network

The European Aviation Network project is a unique multi-national initiative, built to meet the needs of passengers and airlines flying the busy traffic route of Europe. It’s the result of a partnership between Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom, two of Europe’s most innovative companies, both recognised experts in connectivity services.  EAN is expected to enter passenger service during 2018.

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