Inmarsat’s aviation services unlock operational benefits for airlines, transforming the role of satcom from a safety utility to a unique source of strategic value. With the potential savings in billions of dollars for airlines, this is a game-changing opportunity.

Benefits for airlines

Swiftbroadband-Safety (SB-S) is the first and only global, secure, IP connection for operations communications, delivering incomparable amounts of protected data everywhere airlines fly.
SB-S builds on the capabilities of earlier cockpit satcom technologies, combining cutting-edge satellite technology with secure IP broadband connectivity. The result is vastly improved operational efficiency that delivers much faster communications along with a host of new applications that were never before available.

Reduce fuel burn with instant decisions

Forget the paper trail: Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) operations should be about getting instant information to make on-the-fly changes. If a storm hits at 35,000 feet, rerouting information is instantly available to help the flight crew make the most efficient decisions wherever they are. Inmarsat’s SB-S allows airlines to fight back on fuel burn and generate more average revenue per user (ARPU) while in the air. Less fuel burned also saves the environment from unnecessary emissions, shrinking aviation’s carbon footprint globally.

Better asset utilisation

If a non-critical fault or failure happens in the sky, Inmarsat’s SB-S can alert ground crews to the problem before it affects the flight. Applications that interface to aircraft, engine and other systems enable real-time diagnostics, allowing for ground crews to pre-arrange the right parts, equipment and personnel at the gate, keeping turnaround times on schedule and asset utilisation up. This means faster maintenance times, fewer penalties for delayed flights and a more transparent fault tracking process for airlines. The aircraft can be back in the air in no time, generating income without a hitch.

More flights, more revenue

SB-S allows positional report ‘pings’ to be sent from the cockpit to the ground more often, helping air traffic controllers stay aware of the aircraft’s location at all times. Satcom cockpit services will soon enable reduced separation standards and safely allow planes to fly closer to one another. This means more flights can be in operation at any time on high-value routes, generating more income and keeping passengers loyal to the airline with the most flights.

Putting the passenger at the heart of operations

Airline passenger experience is crucial for brand building, loyalty and increasing revenues. SB-S helps flight crews provide real-time information to passengers, like tracking weather conditions on the ground or a diagnosis of an illness via a telemedicine video link. This can reduce the frequency of diverted flights. Combined with our GX Aviation and European Aviation Network cabin broadband networks  we can offer the most impressive overall experience for everyone and reduce operational costs on the way.

Keeping safety data safe and secure

Using the proven and established Inmarsat encrypted L-band global network, the SB-S platform is completely isolated from any other systems accessible to passengers, thus creating a virtual data ‘fortress door’ between cockpit and cabin. Certified for exchange of safety-critical information by ICAO, SB-S supports the full suite of communication and surveillance capabilities to enable satcom-based air traffic management. While offering a robust level of encryption and security, it also means that the demand for passenger or other data will not affect the safety-critical cockpit data.

Offering the biggest operational impact with minimum effort

SB-S offers a truly connected aircraft and helps flight crews every step of the way. Combined with our cabin services, it offers an all-in-one solution to boost passenger experience, safety and ultimately, make airlines more profitable through real-time, key insights that can’t be found any other way.

We have the scale and flexibility to transform a company’s entire in-air infrastructure, offering services to more aircraft and passengers than any other provider. We’re also constantly innovating, joining forces with some of the most respected companies in aviation to continue our drive for service and safety excellence on all flights.

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