Complete connectivity solutions

Reliable global mobile satellite communications is our business. More airlines rely on Inmarsat’s connectivity services than any other provider. We’re also the leading provider for the business aviation sector. Inmarsat has been a key member of the aviation community for over 25 years, and an important partner of aviation authorities worldwide. We’re not just a bandwidth provider – we supply complete managed connectivity solutions supporting the whole value chain.

Inmarsat offers both fully-managed and standalone systems, depending on the airline’s requirements. These include:

  • Developing reliable, high-speed broadband bandwidth for aircraft
  • Working with our manufacturing partners to install, integrate and maintain Inmarsat’s on-board equipment
  • Providing a full range of ISP services for passengers – including payment, access and channel services
  • Delivering passenger portals, Wi-Fi and e-commerce engines using a white-label solution
  • Supplying aviation-specific applications – via partners or developed through the Inmarsat developer community

In addition, we offer a range of complimentary services:

  • Analytics platforms to capture passenger data
  • Customer consultations to define service delivery
  • Aggregation of content providers and advertising partnerships
  • Merchant services and complete managed retail propositions
  • Passenger care operations

Whether you are looking for a fully-managed service, or prefer to manage the solution yourself, Inmarsat is a trusted partner. Our fast, reliable complete connectivity solutions help airlines to bring their aircraft into the future.

Connecting the whole aircraft

Inmarsat’s three advanced technology services – GX Aviation, European Aviation Network and SB-S (SwiftBroadband–Safety) – make us the only global partner in the market that can provide connectivity from the cabin to the cockpit.

All cockpit data is encrypted and separated from passenger cabin data using a different network – what we call the ‘data fortress door’. This offers a robust level of security and ensures the demand for passenger or other data does not affect safety-critical cockpit data.

The benefits of a single connectivity partner

We wholly own and operate each of our networks, so we control the service that we deliver to our customers. This gives us the flexibility to provide tailored solutions and allows us to commit to a guaranteed data rate for each of our services.

Using one provider, who can enable access to a global network of coverage and services, helps you to maximise your operational efficiency.

The Inmarsat network is specifically designed for mobile connectivity, offering global coverage with 99.9% network uptime for safety services. This aligns with the needs of aviation for this safety-critical service. Coupled with our new Global Xpress Ka-band network, airlines can benefit from seamless, global, high-speed coverage from a single provider.

Investing for the future

Inmarsat is a proven innovator. We’ve invested over $2bn in industry-leading technologies and infrastructure in the last five years alone. We work closely with our partners to develop new and inventive on-board technologies to meet the changing needs of the aviation industry.

Satellite capacity needs to increase as air traffic volumes and the use of high bandwidth applications accelerate demand. Inmarsat is committed to continuous improvement in network performance and bandwidth economics. As an established, well-capitalised business, Inmarsat is investing for today and tomorrow, making us a future-proofed partner for the aviation industry.

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