Made possible by Inmarsat

Red Bull Content Pool’s first challenge of 2017 was to cover the toughest motorsport race on the planet – the Dakar Rally.

Red Bull sponsored teams in the car, motorbike and truck categories, so there was plenty of action to capture. Once again it shared the road with Team Peugeot Total as they successfully defended the car race title.

The 10,000km (6,200 mile) rally in January was widely agreed to be most challenging since the iconic Dakar arrived in South America, with two stages cancelled and three more shortened due to torrential rain, thunder and lightning that brought about floods and landslides.


Fortunately for Red Bull’s content creators, Inmarsat transformed their multimedia capabilities by keeping them connected no matter what the weather threw at them and where the route took them, thanks to our reliable satellite network.

To give the team of professional photographers and videographers the greatest flexibility, they were kitted out with an Explorer 325 vehicle BGAN terminal, two compact Explorer 510 BGAN terminals and an Explorer 710 terminal supporting BGAN HDR, Inmarsat’s game-changing high data rate service delivering superior video quality. All that plus specialist media software solutions from Inmarsat partner Network Innovations, meant they had everything they needed to get the stories out, as they happened.

They also carried robust IsatPhone 2 satellite phones for voice communications and the reassurance of tracking and safety support.

The rally through Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, at altitudes of up to 3,000 metres (10,000 ft), followed a tortuous route through empty landscapes with little or no terrestrial or mobile coverage.

With competitors’ fortunes turning in an instant, the Red Bull Content Pool team had to be able to distribute coverage quickly and frequently. This year they also produced behind the scenes content and Facebook Live broadcasts for a truly immersive experience.