Water is life

Water is the basic necessity for life, yet one in eight people do not have access to clean drinking water – that’s almost one billion people. For some communities, the nearest source of clean, safe water is either too far away or unaffordable.

This basic lack of clean drinking water means that 4,000 children die every day from water related illnesses and 50 per cent of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people who suffer from preventable water-borne diseases.

BGAN X-Stream brings Project 24 to life for a global audience

Inmarsat was proud to support the Project 24 initiative with airtime to enable Planet Water Foundation’s crucial aid work to be shared with the world via our BGAN X-Stream service, which offers a portfolio of four high data streaming rates to deliver superior video quality anywhere in the world.

Cobham and AST logosTogether with our partners AST and Cobham SATCOM, we provided live streaming capabilities at each of the 24 locations in Cambodia to share all the action as it unfolded in real-time on the Project 24 website, and Facebook and Twitter social media channels.

Live video and audio was delivered over our award-winning global satellite network via highly compact and lightweight BGAN terminals.

This not only helped raise awareness of this life-saving event to a global audience, it also encouraged companies and people to act and support Planet Water’s mission to bring safe drinking water to even more communities.

24 is the magic number

On 22 March in just 24 hours, 24 Aqua Towers were built in 24 locations across the country to bring basic, yet essential life-saving clean water to thousands of people. We were excited to learn that the AquaTower in Roveang Tatum Village in the Banteay Srei Region was to be Inmarsat-branded!

A sustainable solution to change lives forever

children250x196Planet Water’s AquaTowers provide a water filtration solution to supply clean, safe water to a community in need. Each filtration tower can support the daily water requirements of 1,000 people – that’s 10,000 litres of drinking water per day.

For these communities, this is life changing. Children are able to spend more time in the classroom being educated and less time collecting water every day. It also leads to increased productivity among the rest of the community.

But most importantly, providing easy access to safe water for these communities means saving the lives of so many children affected by water related illnesses every year.

Providing clean water is just the first step

Planet Water’s quarterly sustainability visits and community-based hygiene education programmes ensure that the impact of providing clean, safe drinking water is sustained forever.

Help Planet Water Foundation on its mission to abolish water poverty by visiting them online.