The 2017 tour

Dependability, reliability and robustness are key strengths that both Inmarsat and Land Rover share and that’s why we’re teaming up to sponsor the Land Rover Experience Tour 2017. The tour involves six teams driving new model Land Rover Discovery SUVs and Range Rover Sports on a three week trek across Peru, setting out on 14 October.

Each car will be kitted out with our voice, broadband and machine-to-machine (M2M) satellite services ensuring the teams are online while off road – sharing their experiences in real-time with fans across the globe.

Our satellite network is global, so it doesn’t matter where the cars go. Whether it’s updating a blog, tweeting a photo or even raising the alarm in times of need from the middle of nowhere, we’ll always have them covered.

Off-road comms

Whether it’s tracking the vehicles, broadband comms on the move, or dependable voice communications, we’ve got the teams covered.

Global Xpress – reliable, high-speed connectivity using easily transportable, compact VSAT terminals.

Vehicular BGAN – this service gives the teams simultaneous voice and broadband data on the move.

IsatPhone 2 – a reliable voice line and an emergency assistance button will provide peace of mind wherever the trek takes them.

IsatData Pro – a low-data rate service to track the vehicles, and enable remote monitoring of telemetry data.

Track the teams

Competitors took part in a series of tough qualification camps to be selected for the six teams. They will travel in convoy across Peru, taking in a huge range of environments from desert to mountain. Thanks to Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro service you can track their journey in real time, no matter where they are, here.

For all the latest blog updates from the team, visit:

Inmarsat and partners

Inmarsat and partners CPN Satellite Services and Cobham SATCOM are working together to deliver the comms solutions for the Land Rover Experience Tour 2017.

For years, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity enabling people and devices to communicate however remote they are.

We deliver our services through a network of service providers and CPN Satellite Services, our German-based partner, has supported Land Rover for many years.

Cobham SATCOM will be providing the equipment hardware while we are supporting the tour with free airtime.