Bhubesi Pride

Bhubesi-logo_200x167Bhubesi Pride Foundation runs annual rugby coaching expeditions across Sub-Saharan Africa, using the sport as a tool for education and sustainable development.

A proud sponsor since 2012, Inmarsat has now stepped up its support for the UK-based charity as a key strategic partner for 2015-17.

Sport sessions leave legacy of hope

Bhubesi Pride Foundation brings together qualified and dedicated teams of volunteers to run annual rugby coaching expeditions, supporting sport and community development in schools and community centres in eight countries across east and southern Africa.

The charity has launched a new three-year initiative which will see it focus on inspiring greater measurable impact in the nations it visits, and strive for longer-term sustainability through collaborative legacy projects.

Girls playing rugby

As a key partner, Inmarsat is supporting the annual five-month expeditions through direct sponsorship. The Bhubesi Pride team currently on tour carries a BGAN terminal for voice and broadband data communications and our new-generation satellite phone, IsatPhone 2. IsatPhone 2’s robust handset has been designed to cope with the heat and dust the team will encounter, and offers unrivalled battery life.

Often travelling out of reach of terrestrial and mobile networks, being able to rely on the Inmarsat-4 satellite network means the volunteers can stay in touch with the charity’s UK base and in-country partners no matter where they are, and have the reassurance of being able to call for help if the tour bus breaks down or there is an accident or medical emergency. They can also post blogs, video and photos to increase awareness of the foundation’s mission.

Rules for life

On the road from February to July, the international team of rugby coaches, players and sports scientists is visiting dozens of schools and community centres in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

People watching a rugby game

Having fun learning the rules of the game helps bring boys and girls together and is also an opportunity for the volunteers to teach life skills and health lessons. Local teachers and community leaders also receive training – plus essential equipment and other resources to run their own projects.

The foundation works alongside non-governmental organisations (NGOs), national rugby unions, government departments, international schools and local businesses. This year, as part of a new learning and development arm, Bhubesi Pride is also delivering dynamic leadership development seminars.