We ensure you’re never beyond reach

The world is changing, more rapidly than ever before. We live in an uber-connected global society, where the smart devices we carry everywhere give us constant access to data-rich applications.

But what happens when you board a flight, or embark on a ship? What if work or a thirst for adventure takes you to remote corners of the globe?

And, critically, what about the 57 per cent of the world’s population who remain unconnected, with no regular internet access?

Demand for reliable mobile connectivity is driving the need for the pervasive coverage satellite communications delivers. From smart cities and agritech to remote healthcare and education, satellite is revolutionising industry and transforming people’s potential – connectivity is fast becoming as important to human development as clean water and electricity.

At Inmarsat, we solve the hardest connectivity challenges of our customers – from enterprises operating in hostile environments and shipping fleets plying their global trade to airlines meeting passenger Wi-Fi demand and governments requiring mission-critical military satcoms.

We are also empowering isolated communities without reliable terrestrial or cellular coverage to benefit from the emerging global digital economy. Just one is example is where, under the UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme (IPP), Inmarsat is leading projects in Nigeria, Indonesia and the Philippines that use satellite connectivity to tackle challenges in healthcare, sustainable fishing, and disaster response.

Our markets

We operate in a number of key markets:

  • Aviation – defining the connected aircraft for both business and commercial airlines.
  • Government – serving the secure, mission-critical military and civil satcom needs of US and global government customers.
  • Enterprise – connecting people and things on land to support the global digital economy.
  • Maritime – meeting the connectivity needs of every size of vessel, from small fishing boats and leisure craft to deep sea container fleets.

Our partner ecosystem

We could not achieve all that we do without our network of partners including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers operating across the world. By opening up the Inmarsat network to accredited application developers, we are enabling the Internet of Things with satellite-enabled, tailored solutions that bring genuine business benefits to customers operating over land, at sea, and in the air.