Series 2

What is a Flight Dynamics Engineer?

In the second series of Space Bytes, we take a look inside Inmarsat at the work our talented scientists and engineers are doing. In the first episode meet Flight Dynamics Engineer Jenny Kyan, who explains more about her job looking after our constellation of satellites in geostationary orbit.

Series 1

The Network Operations Centre

It’s been described by the BBC as one of the top five control rooms of all times. Watch the last episode in the current series of Space Bytes to find out more about the ‘nerve centre’ of Inmarsat - the Network Operations Centre.

What is a satellite platform?

Each of our Inmarsat-5 satellites lights up around a third of the globe and uses Boeing’s largest satellite platform. But what is it?

What’s the lifespan of a satellite?

John Burley, Inmarsat’s Space Analyst, explains how long a Global Xpress satellite lasts, what a satellite graveyard is and where to find one, in our latest episode of Space Bytes.

How much does a satellite weigh?

Each of our Inmarsat-5 satellites is about the height of a double decker bus and has a wingspan similar to a Boeing 737, but how much do they weigh?

Do satellites ever collide?

1,100+ active satellites in orbit and millions of pieces of space junk could cause catastrophic damage. So why don’t satellites crash?

How do you launch a satellite?

Ever wondered how satellites are launched? We explain it all in the first of our new video series called Space Bytes.

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