Inmarsat Certified

StaySafe is a BS8484 accredited smartphone app and cloud based monitoring service which is used to monitor and protect lone workers while they travel and work in the field. StaySafe is in use globally across three continents and across a wide range of sectors.

If an employee activates the app’s panic button or fails to check in when expected, alerts are automatically triggered on screen and via email and text. Alerts can be monitored and responded to in house by the employer or clients can opt to outsource the monitoring of employees to one of StaySafe’s 24/7 professional response partners.

StaySafe offers unrivalled functionality including a panic button, working session expiry, automatic check-in, low battery warning, two-way audio, GPS tracking, inactivity and duress alerts.

Plus, employees can only be tracked when they self-initiate a session in the app – so they are in control.

Through its Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, Inmarsat has certified StaySafe as Inmarsat-ready. StaySafe has been certified for use over Inmarsat’s IsatHub and BGAN services, using all BGAN land terminals.

 the brochure now to find out more about how StaySafe can enable you to leverage the reliable, global reach of Inmarsat’s award-winning satellite network and provide rapid situational analysis and high-quality pictures and video.

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