SwiftBroadband (IGA)
SwiftBroadband IGA delivers high-quality voice communications and a symmetric, always-on data connection of up to 332kbps per channel.
You can make use of up to four channels per aircraft for concurrent voice and data links, with the ability to add four more VoIP connections with each. A range of guaranteed data rates can be also selected up to 128kbps.
Contended IP data

Over an intermediate-gain antenna (IGA), SwiftBroadband delivers a symmetric, always-on data connection of up to 332kbps per channel.

Streaming IP

SwiftBroadband (IGA) provides guaranteed connection rates of 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128kbps.

Satellite telephony

High-quality voice with the full functionality of terrestrial fixed phone services. Each SwiftBroadband channel provides a circuit-switched voice channel to the aircraft, with an option to add four more with our multi-voice capability using in-built VoIP functionality. All voice services can be used in parallel to the packet data services.


You can use up to four channels per aircraft over an intermediate-gain antenna, each delivering simulatenous voice and data communications.

Enhanced data

Allows simultaneous users concurrent access to applications. Data speeds can be increased further using compression and multiple channels.

Global coverage

SwiftBroadband is accessible globally, except in the extreme polar regions.

Secure connections

Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

Dashboard™ - All-in-one tool for BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband and Satellite Phone Services

With Dashboard, users can activate, deactivate, suspend, resume and make other changes to their SIM cards. Dashboard provides a near real-time overview of all traffic usage, rated against the Inmarsat invoice price, which not only includes completed calls, but also calls that are currently in progress.

MobileLink™ -Fixed-to-Mobile Service for Voice and Fax Communications

Inmarsat MobileLink is a convenient fixed-tomobile voice service that can help you control your satellite communication costs. All calls appear on one monthly statement, streamlining your accounting and simplifying tracking of your accounts. Using MobileLink cost allocation can be split easily per company department or per vessel, depending on your requirements.


TopFlight SATCOM is a smaller, lighter, more cost-effective satcom system conforming to the latest ARINC-781 standard, housed in a single 6 MCU enclosure. Passengers now benefit from use of cellular telephones and internet with worldwide roaming on board the aircraft.

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Thales has occupied a leading position in the airborne satellite communications market for nearly two decades, having pioneered the technology with market leader Inmarsat.

TopFlight offers new level of performance

The TopFlight satcom establishes a new level of performance for making and receiving voice calls, SMS text messaging, e-mails or surfing the web with personal electronic devices, passing data over Inmarsat SwiftBroadband.

Taking full advantage of Inmarsat’s I-4 series of satellites, the Topflight satcom offers data rates of 432 kbps per channel. Importantly, this standard of satcom continues to support Inmarsat Aero services for flightdeck voice and data connectivity, an essential part of oceanic FANS and ATS communications.

The additional capability of IP-based broadband enables crew and operations to exchange data more efficiently and with a greater fidelity, supporting applications such as electronic flight bag (EFB) and aircraft system monitoring. Thales also provides billing and revenue management systems to integrate with TopFlight satcom.

TopFlight satcom can be recognised for the following features:

  • Two channels of SwiftBroadband providing up to 864 kbps
  • A single multi-service box combining Classic Aero (cockpit and voice data) and Swiftbroadband services
  • TFS is a standalone unit with an embedded 30 watts High Power Amplifier (HPA) approved for ARINC 781
  • Four Ethernet ports for cockpit, cabin and military applications
  • On-demand streaming of data
  • Certification across multiple platforms.

Thrane & Thrane

Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR portfolio offers wireless communications to the broadest range of aircraft possible. Whether for ‘office-in-the-sky’ capability or mission-specific applications, AVIATOR provides reliable, fast and cost-effective connectivity.

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Developing industry-leading solutions

A valued Inmarsat aeronautical partner since 1992, Thrane & Thrane is dedicated to developing industry-leading solutions. From its AVIATOR SwiftBroadband product family to legacy systems such as Aero HSD+, Thrane & Thrane’s portfolio supports the full range of Inmarsat services for aviation.

Light, compact and powerful portfolio

Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR SwiftBroadband portfolio is backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in both the land-mobile and maritime sectors. Full understanding of the complexity of the industry’s needs has enabled Thrane & Thrane to develop a portfolio that provides sophisticated and reliable airborne communications worldwide.

With high focus on size, weight and performance, the AVIATOR portfolio packages the latest in cutting-edge and innovative technology within compact and lightweight systems that offer simple and cost-effective installation.

Fully harnessing the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service, Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR satcom solutions offer quick and efficient data transfer, combined with the availability of high-quality voice services for an extensive range of cabin and cockpit applications.

There is a range of systems to choose, from including the AVIATOR 700D and AVIATOR 350 high-gain antenna (HGA) options, AVIATOR 300 with intermediate gain antenna (IGA), as well as the exceptionally compact and lightweight AVIATOR 200 low-gain antenna (LGA).

Every AVIATOR system features built-in Wi-Fi so that users can benefit from a host of modern communications capabilities, including connection of smart phones and personal tablets to the aircraft’s own wireless network.

With a proven track record for developing industry-leading solutions, Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR offers significant operational and communications efficiencies to any size of aircraft, for users in a multitude of aeronautical sectors.

In addition to its AVIATOR product family, Thrane & Thrane also offers terminals to support Inmarsat’s full range of services, including Aero HSD+, Aero-I and Aero-M.

Modern communications to support a wide range of applications

  • High quality voice communication for calling colleagues, friends and family
  • Access reliable broadband internet from users own smart phone or personal tablet
  • Send and receive email with attachments
  • Connect to corporate VPN
  • Video conferencing and streaming video capability
  • Reliable and secure IP data connectivity
  • CNS/ATM capability

Thrane & Thrane product descriptions

Thrane & Thrane’s flagship AVIATOR 700D provides both Classic and SwiftBroadband services in one complete package. The system supports a wide range of communications applications in both the cockpit and cabin and is also fully FANS 1/A and CPDLC compliant.

The AVIATOR 700 is a feature-rich SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero Service solution that can be tailored to suit any airframe, mission profile and budget, making it the ultimate communications solution for the cabin and the cockpit.

Bandwidth doesn’t have to be compromised by size with Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR 350. The system offers exceptional performance within a light and compact package, for an extensive range of communications applications within a multitude of aeronautical sectors.

Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR 300 with intermediate gain antenna (IGA) offers a compact and lightweight SwiftBroadband solution, suitable for a multitude of aircraft within the business, military and government sectors.

Using the industry’s smallest and lightest SwiftBroadband approved antenna, Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR 200 is suitable for the widest range of aircraft possible, offering a host of modern communications capabilities, including Wi-Fi, where space and weight may be critical considerations.

AVIATOR Wireless Handset 
Combining cutting-edge technology with an easy-to-use interface, Thrane & Thrane’s reliable, high-quality AVIATOR Wireless Handset fully harnesses the power of AVIATOR SwiftBroadband to offer advanced audio quality within a stylish and modern design.

Rockwell Collins

A pioneer in design, production and support of innovative solutions for customers in aerospace and defence. Rockwell Collins’ global team shares a vision to create the most trusted source of communication and aviation electronics solutions.

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Innovative solutions in aerospace and defence

A pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for customers in aerospace and defence. Rockwell Collins’ global team shares a vision to create the most trusted source of communication and aviation electronics solutions, applying insight and foresight to help their customers succeed.

Satellite communications that keep you connected

As well as meeting passenger connectivity needs, Rockwell Collins’ Inmarsat SATCOM cockpit communications help ensure a safe flight every time. They comply with the latest ARINC 761/781 industry standards for Classic Aero, Swift64, and SwiftBroadband operation.

Even though the SAT-2200 is one of the lightest, smallest and most affordable satcoms on the market, both the SAT2200 and SAT2100 are designed to maximum efficiency and scalability. The Satellite Data Unit (SDU-2200) has a built-in amplifier or, depending upon installation constraints, it can be paired with an external Flange Mounted Power Amplifier (FMPA-2200).

They are designed to work with the latest Inmarsat-approved high-gain antenna systems (HGA), including a Diplexer Low Noise Amplifier (DLNA) and a Configuration Module (CM). The fact that Rockwell Collins provides the HGA-2100 and DLNA-2100 ensures ease of installation of your complete satcom system, and a single source for servicing when needed.

Each software defined radio (SDR) channel card performs failure reversion to the required cockpit safety function. The Rockwell Collins SATCOM system is designed to maintain communications without pilot intervention during all flight phases. Handover between satellites and spot beams is accomplished automatically, based on preferences contained in the Secure ORT.

The normal configuration gives preference to the voice and data safety services provided by satellites and ground stations supporting Classic Aero services. Second priority is to maintain SwiftBroadband services, with the capability to fall back to Swift64 operation in the event of a SwiftBroadband outage.

Cobham Antenna Systems

Cobham offers a range of SwiftBroadband systems for anything that flies, from airliners to small business jets and from helicopters to UAVs. Cobham distinguishes itself by continuously delivering products with the smallest size, weight and power consumption.

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The extensive Cobham range of small single, dual and four-channel SwiftBroadband systems, all optimised for size, weight and power consumption, include options of high, intermediate and low-gain antennas that create solutions for all flying platforms.

The industry’s widest range of antennas

Cobham has the largest range of antennas in the industry, including electronically (phased array) and mechanically steered options for all Inmarsat classes, including high gain (Class 6), intermediate gain (Class 7), low gain (Class 4) and omnidirectional (Class 15) antennas.

This enables Cobham to offer many configurations designed to meet even the most challenging installation constraints. Cobham antennas are certified on a wide range of airliners (Airbus, Boeing), business jets (Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream) and a growing number of helicopter and special-purpose platforms.

The Cobham software defined radios (SDR), with supporting power amplifiers (HPA and HLD) and diplexers (DAU), are modular and packaged in both ARINC 600 and flange mount formats. Variations of these have been certified on a range of business jets and military platforms, with roll-out on airliners commencing in 2012.

SwiftBroadband (IGA) coverage

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