SwiftBroadband 200 – Class 15
SwiftBroadband 200 is a single channel system, offering high-quality voice, plus always-on data at up to 200kbps per channel and guaranteed rates of 8, 16 and 32kpbs.
Four additional voice channels can be accessed through the in-built VoIP functionality in the SB200 terminal. All voice services can be used in parallel to the packet switched data services.
Contended IP data

SwiftBroadband 200 provides a symmetric ‘always-on’ data connection of up to 200kbps per channel.

Enhanced data

Allows simultaneous users concurrent access to applications. Data rates can be increased further using compression and multiple channels.

Satellite telephony

SwiftBroadband provides a high-quality voice service with the full functionality of terrestrial fixed phone services. Each SwiftBroadband channel provides a circuit-switched voice channel to the aircraft, while our multi-voice capability allows for up to four additional voice channels using in-built VoIP functionality in the terminal. All voice services can be used in parallel to the packet switched data services.

Secure connections

Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

Global coverage

SwiftBroadband is accessible globally, from 20 degrees elevation.

Single channel

SwiftBroadband 200 is a single channel system delivering simultaneous voice and data communications.

Streaming IP

SwiftBroadband 200 can provide guaranteed connection rates of 8, 16 and 32kpbs.

Dashboard™ - All-in-one tool for BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband and Satellite Phone Services

With Dashboard, users can activate, deactivate, suspend, resume and make other changes to their SIM cards. Dashboard provides a near real-time overview of all traffic usage, rated against the Inmarsat invoice price, which not only includes completed calls, but also calls that are currently in progress.

MobileLink™ -Fixed-to-Mobile Service for Voice and Fax Communications

Inmarsat MobileLink is a convenient fixed-to-mobile voice service that can help you control your satellite communication costs. All calls appear on a one-monthly statement, streamlining your accounting and simplifying tracking of your accounts. Using MobileLink cost allocation can be split easily per company department or per vessel, depending on your requirements.


Honeywell Aspire 200 in-flight communications systems are ideally suited for a wide variety of aircraft types, including single and multi-engine turboprops and small jets.

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Same Honeywell quality as multi-channel MCS series in a smaller, lighter single-channel system.

  • Inexpensive to purchase, install and operate
  • CCU-200 (communications convergence unit), provides for crystal clear voice communications from multiple sources
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for a wide variety of devices
  • Optional CNX-200 Accelerator improves both bandwidth & efficiency
  • Aspire 200 LG (Low-Gain Antenna) can be upgraded to Aspire 200 IG (Intermediate-Gain Antenna) or HG (High-Gain Antenna) for added performance


Cobham AVIATOR 200 (class 15) provides low-cost, high quality voice and data services down to 20 degrees elevation from the satellite through a small omnidirectional blade antenna.

Cobham AVIATOR 200S (class 4) provides the same along with FANS 1/A ACARS safety services over the full Inmarsat service hemisphere through a small phased array antenna.

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Built-in Wi-Fi supports smart phones, tablets and laptops for total flexibility, while the small antenna decreases cost and complexity of aircraft modifications during installation.