Communicate ship to shore through your always-on SEVSAT broadband connection, a fixed-rate maritime broadband solution with worldwide Ku-band coverage.
Improve vessel efficiency by co-ordinating and resolving issues on board with shore-based resources available over broadband and telephone lines.

We offer high-quality telephone lines as an integrated part of the SEVSAT broadband package. Our Crew Call solution may be associated with one or more of these lines.

Broadband data

Our satellite connection gives you a two-way, always-on connection with the bandwidth of your choice. Available bandwidths range from 128kbps up to 2Mbps.

Internet connectivity

Internet traffic is inclusive in the monthly fee, and there is no limit to the amount of data you can download. Use the internet to look up information about suppliers, customer and public services such as port authorities, customs, coastguards, weather services and more.

Crew Call

Our state-of-the-art crew calling system comes with a number of advanced services. By using this solution you can simplify access, administration and payments of crew calls.

Quality assurance

Our Network Operation Centre monitors the traffic and quality of service continuously and will intervene to ensure all customers have the contracted capacity.

Project management

The project department handles the pre-sales process to ensure your installation is a success. They work closely with our vendors in order to provide the optimal solution.

  • Check suppliers’ websites for spare parts or technical support on equipment and components
  • Online education opportunities
  • Internet banking and internet commerce
  • Read online newspapers and magazines
  • Telemedicine for emergency health care
  • Vendors can connect to onboard equipment and download logs, carry out diagnostics, perform software updates and install programs
  • Maintain and update onboard databases from shore
  • Stay in touch with your network easily, including other vessels with SEVSAT installed.
SEVSAT Crew Call

Inmarsat Maritime offers a state of the art crew calling system with a number of advanced services. By using this solution you may simplify access, administration and payments of crew calls.

Prepaid calling

Prepaid calling codes by eliminate the administration and follow-up associated with credit calling systems and also makes it much easier for the crew to plan their calling expenses.

Caller classes

By issuing different caller classes you can differentiate the cost of calling between users so, for example, external personnel visiting the ship pay different rates from the regular crew. You can also define call periods to encourage calls during off-peak times.

Typical SEVSAT system

The installation is divided into Above Deck and Below Deck equipment.

Before commissioning, a suitable mount has to be arranged for the antenna, and we usually assist in this process to get the antenna placed in a best possible position.


VSAT antenna of approved make:
Ku-band antenna upgradable to KA-band
Multi band LNB
110 or 220 VAC
User manual in English
Weight approximately 140 kg


15 U rack (H36”xW24”xD24”) containing:
G5 Unit
Cisco router 2901/2911
Power switch

Inmarsat Maritime uses a number of Ku-band spot beams to achieve VSAT coverage around the main shipping hubs and shipping lanes. Switching between spots is handled automatically by the onboard G5 unit that is part of the delivery.

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