GX for Government

Secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity

Global Xpress is the first global Ka-band network and has been built specifically with government customers in mind. It delivers secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity for seamless airborne, naval and land operations worldwide.

And it comes from a trusted supplier that’s been serving government customers with mission-critical communications for over 35 years.

Global Xpress has been providing worldwide coverage since December 2015. The launch of a fifth satellite, GX5, in November 2019 marked the beginning of the transformation of Global Xpress services, which will deliver extra capacity, capabilities, and flexibility.

Bandwidth-intensive mobile applications

Global Xpress offers managed services for flexible connectivity on demand as well as steerable high-capacity leases. It’s particularly suited to bandwidth-intensive mobile applications for:

  • Airborne intelligence
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Special operations and expeditionary forces
  • Live full-motion video
  • Intelligence
  • Command and control, and
  • Theatre backhaul.
Seamless mobility, higher performance

Wherever the next mission arises, Global Xpress has you covered with a network that’s owned and managed solely by Inmarsat. Purposely designed for mobility, it will provide a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam, and from one satellite to another.

Because our network is global, Global Xpress delivers higher performance consistently – and when there are surges in demand, we direct additional beams to provide enhanced throughput and greater performance.

Global reach and additional capacity

Global Xpress is the first global commercial network that’s interoperable with MILSATCOM Ka-band networks, providing resilient, cost-effective augmentation.

Using contiguous commercial spectrum, it will provide global reach and additional capacity for those with existing Ka-band networks, and peer capabilities for those without.

Highest security standards

The Global Xpress network is base-lined to satisfy US Mission Assurance Category (MAC) level III, with secure gateways and satellite commanding.

Secure Global Xpress offers enhanced security capable of MAC I/II levels.

Compact and affordable terminals

Global Xpress delivers higher data rates through more compact and affordable terminals than those in the Ku-band. A broad portfolio of terminals will be available for government applications in mobile, portable and fixed formats to suit all environments, from industry-leading manufacturers.

In a climate of continuing budget pressures, Global Xpress offers some respite with more affordable services and terminals.

More efficient use of bandwidth

Ka-band is more efficient in its use of bandwidth, and because we own and manage the entire global network, we make better use of the satellite resources to achieve significant cost savings that deliver better value for your mission requirements.

Inmarsat has been operating the most reliable mobile satellite communications network for over 30 years. For enhanced availability and resilience, Global Xpress is complemented by our L-band services on the Inmarsat-4 satellites, which deliver 99.9 per cent network availability.

World’s only multi-band network

It’s the only multi-band satellite network of its kind, underpinned by a fully-redundant and robust ground infrastructure.

For advice on how to prepare your networks, terminals and users for Global Xpress, please contact the Global Xpress Government team.