Fleet Secure



Powering cyber resilience at sea

Cyber crime is an inevitable downside of a digital economy, so being protected has to be a priority for every fleet operator and ship manager, both shore-side and at sea.

The potential risks of a cyber attack on a vessel include:

  • Interruption of operations – a virus affecting onboard systems can cause costly delays in getting to port
  • Loss of business-sensitive information and resulting risk of blackmail
  • Insurance cover – impact on premiums of lack of cyber security measures
  • Loss of reputation – corporate image can be tarnished if a company is seen as being vulnerable to hackers
  • Privacy impact – personal data protection legislation will see companies fined for failing to secure employee information

As a member of the industry-led ‘Be Cyber Aware At Sea’ campaign, Inmarsat is committed to raising awareness of online risks and threats to the maritime community.

For over 37 years, Inmarsat has been trusted with seafarers’ safety. Now the maritime industry can rely on us to help keep their vessels cyber safe too.

Inspect, detect, and protect

Inmarsat has developed Fleet Secure to give shipping operators and managers the tools they need to protect their fleet from cyber attack, detect vulnerabilities, and respond to threats.

Fleet Secure is made up of three components – maritime-specific UTM, a choice of three managed service levels, and seamless integration with Fleet Xpress, Inmarsat’s next generation high-speed broadband satellite service.

Fleet Secure is available through Inmarsat Fleet Xpress value added resellers. Contact your local provider for more details.

The Fleet Secure UTM service is supported by Singtel subsidiary Trustwave, a leading cybersecurity company.

Drawing on their cyber intelligence and expertise, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools designed to continuously inspect, detect and protect all the data traffic going to and from a vessel. Maritime-specific threats have been defined and used to customize the Fleet Secure UTM, which seamlessly incorporates multiple security functions into a single service:

  • Firewall
  • Intrusion prevention system, with a dedicated virus signature library
  • Web content filtering to prevent access to unsafe or inappropriate websites
  • Inmarsat Gateway anti-virus software, used to scan web content as it is being accessed, looking for known viruses

As well as detecting external attacks via the high-speed satellite broadband connection, vessel networks are also protected from intrusion via infected USB sticks and crew devices connected to the onboard WAN/LAN.

Backed by Trustwave’s extensive, ongoing cyber security research and development operations, Fleet Secure is designed to be one step ahead of cyber criminals and ensures a vessel is continuously protected today and in the future.

Fleet Secure is a managed service from Inmarsat. Customers have access to dedicated cyber experts round-the-clock, and have complete visibility of vessel security through one dashboard.
Continuous connection with the Trustwave Secure Operation Centre via Fleet Xpress ensures the UTM is kept updated and secure.
There is a choice of three managed service levels:

Gold level
  • Real-time log monitoring and real-time alert monitoring by a Trustwave expert cyber threat analyst
  • In addition to a display on the customer portal, alerts are sent to the Trustwave global threat operations team which analyses the alerts and takes responsive action
  • Customers are notified by email of low and medium level potential security threats
  • High severity level security threats are emailed and followed up by phone call to escalate the threat management

Service level includes:

  • Real-time alert analysis
  • 24x7 telephone support
  • 24x7 email/IM support
  • Online reporting portal
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • 1-year offline archive
Silver level
  • Daily review of logs by a Trustwave cyber security analyst can be viewed on the managed security portal
  • User is notified of any suspicious activity for further actions
  • Access to automatically generated alerts and access to daily, monthly and quarterly reports

Service level includes:

  • Daily review and analysis
  • 24x7 telephone support
  • 24x7 email/IM support
  • Automated alerts
  • Online reporting portal
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • 1 year offline archive
Bronze level
  • Collects daily log of system status Assists customers to conduct their own daily review and analysis of logs
  • Assists customers to conduct their own daily review and analysis of logs
  • Provides good visibility on the complete UTM service
  • Offers access to a secure web-based managed security portal where users can check system status, set up automatically generated alerts and see daily, monthly and quarterly reports

Service level includes:

  • 24x7 email support
  • Automated alerts
  • Online reporting portal
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • 1 year offline archive

Fleet Secure is fully integrated into Fleet Xpress, so there is no additional outlay on hardware required. Customers simply pay a monthly fee, dependent on which service level is selected, with UTM data and updates entirely separate from their bandwidth usage.

Fleet Xpress is backed up by FleetBroadband, which maintains 99.9% availability and is accessible anywhere in the world, except the extreme Polar regions. This ensures vessels remain continuously connected to the Trustwave Secure Operations Centre.

Inmarsat owns the entire satellite and ground network, which adds an additional level of security.

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