Fleet Media

The best entertainment for your crew

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE:  Due to the global impact of COVID-19, Sky News and Sky Sports episodes have been suspended across Fleet Media until further notice.

Fleet Media is a superior entertainment service bringing your crew the best Hollywood movies, international films, TV box-sets, and international news and sports, anywhere at sea. The service offers an on-demand video experience with hundreds of hours of programming, which can be watched on a laptop, computer or iOS and Android device on board with a Wi-Fi or physical network connection.

  • Blockbusters from major studios worldwide
  • 150 movies available on-demand
  • Available at US DVD release
  • Subtitles in up to 8 languages
  • Popular TV box-sets
  • Daily and weekly news and sports updates
  • Content refreshed monthly
  • Legal content reduces licencing risk
  • Reduces the risk of cyber security breaches

Improve crew retention

Attracting and retaining the right crew is an essential part of running an efficient operation.  According to recent research¹, over 85% of crew say crew entertainment services are important to them, and 64% state that having these services on board has a strong influence on where they select to work.

¹ Futurenautics Group

Keeping your crew informed and entertained can also help reduce staff turnover and boost job satisfaction and morale. With programming that updates as often as every day, Fleet Media keeps your crew up-to-date with all the latest news, sports and entertainment. It also has multi-language programming to ensure crews can select from a wide variety of subtitled options.

How it works

Fleet Media is a managed service that works over Inmarsat’s high-speed Fleet Xpress service.

Data traffic over Fleet Media is:

  • Managed exclusively by Inmarsat
  • Low priority – no impact on business traffic