SwiftBroadband (HGA)
SwiftBroadband HGA (Class 6 terminal) delivers the full capabilities of our top-of-the range communications service for general aviation.
Up to 432kbps per channel
SwiftBroadband (IGA) - Class 7
SwiftBroadband IGA delivers high-quality voice communications and a symmetric, background data connection
Up to 332kbps per channel
SwiftBroadband 200 - Class 15
SwiftBroadband 200 is a single channel system, offering high-quality voice and guaranteed rates of 8, 16 and 32kpbs.
Up to 200kbps per channel
SB-UAV enables Inmarsat connectivity on low altitude, long endurance (LALE) unmanned air vehicle (UAV) platforms.
Up to 200kbps through a single channel
SwiftBroadband features