Today’s forces deploy at a moment’s notice and require instant access to data-intensive applications. That’s why they turn to Inmarsat’s trusted network of global, mobile satellite communications. Whether the task requires conducting a military mission or executing intelligence operations, Inmarsat services are always on and ready when needed.

For those tasked with protecting U.S. assets, Inmarsat’s reliable, multi-band connectivity ensures instant access to mission-critical information , no matter how remote or hostile the environment – cost-effectively, anytime, anywhere. To achieve mission success, our voice, data and video services support end-users with access to critical information.

To deliver smarter, faster, better services to citizens while cutting costs, U.S. civilian agencies depend on Inmarsat for highly reliable, secure and affordable communication solutions. Inmarsat brings ubiquitous data, voice and video capabilities making their offices thoroughly mobile everywhere.

There’s nothing more vulnerable than an endangered boat out at sea or an aircraft in flight. When in distress, crews depend upon Inmarsat for secure, reliable satellite communication systems which serve as lifesavers at sea and in the air – and set the gold standard for safety services.

Supporting the demanding “go anywhere – any time” nature of government users, Inmarsat aviation services represent the future of satellite communications.

GX for U.S. Government

Global Xpress for the U.S. Government. The new standard in mobile satellite communications.

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