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Increased streaming rates

BGAN HDR will provide broadcasters and media organisations with an expected streaming rate of around 650kbps with its full channel option which, when combined with the Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER 710, the first terminal of accessing the HDR service, will deliver a step-change in video quality. “Asian broadcasters are always on the cutting-edge of innovation. We are very excited to introduce BGAN HDR to this market and expect this will be very well-received by broadcasters looking to deliver high-quality video anytime, anywhere,” said Drew Brandy, Vice President, Enterprise Industry at Inmarsat.

EXPLORER 710 with new features and functionality

Cobham’s compact, lightweight and highly portable EXPLORER 710 also features a built-in bonding capability, enabling connection speeds over 1 Mbps, which was previously only possible on a VSAT uplink. BGAN HDR is scheduled for commercial launch in late 2013.


If you didn’t manage to join us at our stand, you can discover the next revolution of satellite newsgathering via an exclusive media video recorded for Asia Pacific Broadcasting, or watch our BGAN HDR film. You can contact us directly for any further information on our BGAN HDR service.

Cobham EXPLORER 710 terminal

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Compact and high portable
  • Double the streaming rate with its simple, plug and play bonding capability
  • Control via smartphone apps – enabling users to connect their own devices for voice calling and data connectivity
  • USB host interface
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Easy-to-use LED display
  • Multiple interfaces to support a wide range of applications


  • The service will offer four new channel streaming rate options with flexible pricing so you only pay for what you need
  • Full channel streaming rate option with an expected speed of around 650kbps
  • Combined with optimised codecs, you’ll see a real step-change in video quality
  • BGAN HDR will utilise the reliable Inmarsat-4 network, which offers 99.9% availability of its satellite and ground network
  • Full global service expected by end 2013

Media BGAN video streaming portfolio roadmap

media BGAN video streaming portfolio roadmap

BGAN X-Stream price reduction

Earlier this year we lowered BGAN X-Stream pricing resulting in a significantly reduced price gap between the 256kbps streaming rate and BGAN X-Stream. This brings you better value and allows you to benefit from the superior picture of BGAN X-Stream.

Global Xpress®

Visitors to CommunicAsia, received a sneak preview of our next-generation satellite service, Global Xpress coming in 2014, which will be the world’s first global Ka-band network.


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