High-speed broadband for the skies

Passenger connectivity is an on-going competitive battleground. Solutions have been around for some time, but don’t yet enable a viable commercial offering on speed, coverage and price. All this changes with Inmarsat GX. It will be the first global high-speed broadband for the skies. And it comes from a single trusted supplier.

GX aviation terminals will be provided exclusively by the market leader, Honeywell, and we are working with aircraft manufacturers to have both line-fit and retrofit solutions available.

Seamless coverage of airline routes

Passengers want to be connected wherever they fly. With GX, they can connect with smartphones, tablets and laptops or any other WiFi-enabled device.

And GX will offer the most extensive coverage of airline routes – all provided by Inmarsat. So as you fly across the time zones, your passengers will have a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam, and from one satellite to another.

The first GX satellite, Inmarsat-5 F1, is now in service over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with full global coverage on track by early in the second half of 2015.

Fastest connection, consistent service

GX will globally deliver the fastest broadband in the skies. And because we own and manage the entire network, service levels will be consistently high, wherever you fly.

It expands the possibilities for in-flight entertainment to real-time TV and TV on demand as well as standard email and web browsing at a much faster speed.

Most reliable satellite network

Inmarsat has been operating the most reliable mobile satellite communications network for over 30 years.

For safety services and extra resilience, GX is complemented by our SwiftBroadband service on the Inmarsat-4 satellites, which deliver on average 99.9 per cent network availability. We are the only satellite operator that combines both Ka-band and L-band technologies.

Flexible bandwidth and affordability

It’s hard to predict what types of devices and applications your passengers will be using in years to come, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll always need more bandwidth. GX will offer upgradable bandwidth that allows you to flexibly adapt to changing requirements and make the most of your capital investment.

Ka-band is more efficient in its use of bandwidth, and because we own and manage the entire global network, we make better use of the satellite resources to achieve significant cost savings. This means more affordable in-flight connectivity for your passengers, with simple pricing options that enable you to truly exploit this significant untapped opportunity.

For more information about GX Aviation, please contact President of Inmarsat Aviation Leo Mondale.