2015 Financial Calendar

Inmarsat plc Q1 results 2015

Published 6 May Downloads Web page
Results Adobe PDF icon Q1 results
Webcast Q1 webcast

Inmarsat plc Q4 and preliminary full-year results 2014

Published 5 March Downloads Web page
Results Adobe PDF icon Preliminary results
Slides Adobe PDF icon Presentation
Webcast Q4 webcast

6 August: Interim results 2015

Please check this page prior to each scheduled release of results for full and up-to-date details of how to access relevant statements, announcements and conference calls with Inmarsat management.

Inmarsat plc is the ultimate parent company and includes all companies within the group.

For further information please contact Inmarsat Investor Relations on 020 7728 1206 or at investor.relations@inmarsat.com.