Diverse culture and dynamic environment

We look for high-calibre, forward-thinking, energetic people with a “can-do” attitude. We want people who thrive in a diverse and challenging work environment, who are receptive to change and who wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves and the company’s ongoing success.

We empower employees to contribute to company success

To ensure we continue to attract and retain the right employee, we aim to provide:

  • A dynamic working environment where employees are empowered to find solutions that contribute towards company success.
  • Strong values based on principles that have been developed by our own employees.
  • Ongoing training and development allowing you to progress in your chosen field of expertise or broaden your talents through the development of new skills.
  • Regular communication through quarterly all-staff gatherings, divisional and team briefings, and 1:2:1 meetings between employee and their managers.

We look for and encourage the following values:


Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward. It’s the result of caring more, risking more, and expecting more than others think is possible.


We value the extra dimension that genuine collaboration delivers, while maintaining individual accountability.


We thrive on innovation and ingenuity. We offer unique market-driven solutions and services that deliver optimal performance through leading-edge technology, proven efficiency and exceptional quality.


Customer success leads to our success. Our pedigree is based on the ability to anticipate market trends and respond to them with speed and agility.

Along with our qualities:

Inmarsat employees aspire to certain behaviours which support our wider corporate values, and lie at the heart of our continued success as an organisation. In this position, the following qualities are paramount:


Efficiency is about maximising benefit and profit, while minimising effort and expenditure. Managed correctly, it reduces costs, waste, and duplication and enables the delivery of quality products and services to our customers.

Customer Excellence

Customer Excellence applies to both our external and internal customers. It is about having a market orientated approach that enables the business to deliver what the customer wants. It is about organising activities, and making decisions that are based around information about customers’ needs, rather than what we think is right for them customer. It requires the development of long-term, collaborative and trusting relationships that combines customer needs with Inmarsat expertise.

Enterprise Spirit

Enterprise Spirit is about being agile and responding effectively to business opportunities within a changing environment. It’s about being self-motivated, resourceful, focused on output and making things happen. People with Enterprise Spirit are positive, enthusiastic, dedicated and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Open Communications

Open Communication is about treating one another with respect and delivering appropriate, clear and focused messages. It is about fostering collaborative relationships, whilst maintaining individual accountability. It allows the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organisation from those who have a genuine contribution to make. It cultivates an open environment that facilitates informed decisions, understanding and trust.

Values-based Leadership

Values-based Leaders (VBL) are inspiring role models, who provide the driving force for the corporate agenda. They understand the differing and changing needs of people and create an environment that enables them to perform independently and effectively toward the achievement of personal and corporate objectives. They cultivate a culture of openness, trust and collaboration and encourage others to take action. They remain positive in the face of challenging circumstances and continue to motivate the team. They value results above process, allowing members the flexibility to plan and implement their own strategies.


People who are innovative are entrepreneurial and thrive on creativity and ingenuity. They are constantly on the look-out for opportunities, assessing their strategic value and offering appropriate, imaginative solutions. They are advocates and instruments of positive change and are not afraid to take informed, responsible risks. They anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them. This is complemented by the ability to react quickly, develop effective implementation plans, and drive the achievement of business results.